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Before I became an attorney, I knew nothing about child support collection. All I understood as a non-lawyer was that if you could afford an attorney, maybe, you could collect child support. After law school, and working with many family law cases, I learned that my experiences as a child provided me with the desire, the opportunity to help those parents who need assistance collecting back child support.

To understand where my perspective on collecting child support, you need to understand the family environment I was raised in. While I loved my parents, both of whom are deceased, I vividly remember the struggle my mom encountered trying to raise me, my brother, and sister with an absent father.

My dad was a member of the United States Marine Corp in World War II. Dad served two years on active duty in the South Pacific in WWII. Dad served two years on active duty in the South Pacific in WWII. I am proud of Dad’s service; however, as an adult, I understand the impact WWII had on my dad. Dad’s combat experiences, and trauma that he experienced in the South Pacific resulted in PTS (post-traumatic stress syndrome). This was manifested through alcohol abuse and behavior that did not truly reflect love for his children.

After WWII, dad became employed as a seaman on ships that would travel the world. The type of ships dad worked on are referred to as tankers and freighters. Dad would be gone on these trips for months and months. When he returned, it was always like Christmas morning. We were always excited to see dad come home; but shortly after his return he would begin drinking. As children, we watched the effects of his drinking on my mom and us kids. Mom and dad would fight. There would occasionally be violence. It almost always ended with dad leaving the house in anger and abandoning his family without support. He would just go on another job, and we would hope he would send us money. 

There was no Attorney General for my mom to turn to for help. Every attorney wanted money up front to help mom. Mom did not have any money for attorneys. She struggled to keep for on the table and a roof over her children’s heads. I remember days when there was no food in the house, and the utilities had to be cut off for non-payment. Life as a child was made very difficult because of dad’s failure to support his family.

As a result of these childhood experiences, I try to help anyone who comes to my office and needs assistant to help recover back child support. If you already have an order for child support, and I accept your case, I will not charge you a fee. The Texas Family Code allows me to recover my fees and costs from the individual owing the child support. If I take your child support collection case, I never charge you a penny.

I cannot make parents love their children. I cannot make parents better people. I can use my knowledge, education, and life experience to try and help parents collect money that is rightfully owed to them to help raise their children.

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